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Production + Artist Management

The Benefits of seeing a project through from conception to finished product can be viewed in the same way a contractor handles all sub-contractors on a real-estate project.  You need one person with the over-all vision to make sure the project stays on course and is progressing as smoothly as possible.  From music, to photography/promotion, to performing and choreography, to music video and film production, every project has a cohesive feel.  D. Valentine is a rarity in the music business as many only specialize in one particular field.  Specialization certainly has its pros but if everyone isn't on the same page for the benefit of the artist, then the artist suffers even though each individual aspect of the project is strong.  This is why so many independent artists fail to succeed.  It's only when those aspects smoothly come together that magic is created.  Haven't you ever wondered why so many talent-less artists have made it and you haven't?  These simple strategies are hard for most to realize.  By combining everyone's efforts and heading in the same direction, those efforts won't be in vain.  -For more info contact:

Music Video + Film

As every artist knows, visuals are everything.  With the release of Beyonce's 'Visual Album' it has been made clear that our eyes need to be fed as much as our ears.  However, music video production can be costly and time consuming.  Any artist that is working on a little-to-no budget understands that.  Luckily, viewers appreciate creativity more than they appreciate high-budget productions.  But that doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice quality.  D. Valentine directed Monet Monico's music video 'Wait4Me' which was a featured write-up in PopStar!Magazine.  D. Valentine alternates between his own FlowCam-VeriZoom Duel-Arm Steady Cam Rig, Sony HDV Camera, and Canon 60D Video Camera with 7 inter-changeable lenses to achieve optimal results in video production.  All video is edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe AfterEffects, the leading technology in professional video editing software.  Because music videos are so integral to the overall success of the artist, the cost is automatically considered 'factored in' to the total music production budget, saving thousands of dollars on production costs.  The only limiting factor is the artist's ability to imagine and create.

D. Valentine began music production when he was 16, co-writing music for recording artist Monika, working alongside music producers for the Pussycat Dolls at Paramount Recording Studios.  Valentine is a classically trained pianist and violinist, often incorporating classical music theory in many of his modern 'Top 40' compositions.  Valentine toured and performed with an award-winning acapella jazz ensemble for 4 years, beginning his obsession with harmony and vocal arrangement. 

D. Valentine has produced for many recording artist in the States and overseas including releases with Sony Records, Warner Music, MediaNoche Music Group, and Valentine's own label, 72NamesRecords.  Valentine is currently partnered with CAMP Music Group (CMG) as an executive producer and director.

Music Production

Dance Reel + Choreography Reel + Commercials

Dancers and choreographers know the importance of having a reel showcasing their work and talent available to potential clients.  Many touring artists like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and many others base their initial selection on choreography reels.  Choreographers are then commissioned to submit a video showcasing choreography for a particular piece.  It is no secret that the more professional the video, the better impression you'll leave on the client.  Nowadays, it's easier than ever to get it done. For questions:


Dance Reel (edit only from pre-existing footage) - $100.00

Dance Reel (edit with pre-existing footage and pro video-production

recording of live dance/choreography piece) - $300.00

Choreography Reel (edit only from pre-existing footage) - $150.00

*includes extra 1-minute 'teaser' trailer of reel

Choreography Reel (edit only from pre-existing footage and pro video-production

recording of live choreography piece-music video style) - $400.00

*includes extra 1-minute 'teaser' trailer of reel