LifeLight Series

D. Valentine in Azerbaijan!  Check out the photos that are featured at the American Center in Baku, Azerbaijan of the Flame Towers taken by D. Valentine.  This and more on Instagram @DliciousPhoto 

The SLVR Tongues are here!  Featuring cover art and photography by D. Valentine.  Check out their latest music video and more: 

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is art.  Everywhere you look, everything you touch, everything you see.  

We are light.

Every atom and molecule that makes us who we are is in constant motion.  My goal with the LifeLight Series was to capture the movement that we don't see.  From celebrities like Norah Jones, Joan Rivers, Adele, and many many others, I capture their performances onstage, and off, only capturing the light that their energy makes, allowing the aperture to silently film constant motion in a single frame.  Every picture is unique and one-of-a-kind.

On Stage

is where you find your soul, in yourself or in other performers.  That is why we are so fascinated by those who can perform on stage-they are a direct reflection of a part of us that we never see.



is a world where we want to be, hope to be, and strive to be a part of.  It's our fantasies, our thoughts, our wants, our desires, and our dreams.  




Dance + Music + Photography​


has always been a way to capture many emotions, memories, and stories in a single frame.  For me, photography has been as much a sense of self discovery as it has been about discovering the world.

Nature has a way of reminding us 

that we are not the most interesting things on this planet.  Outside of facebook, twitter, the news, and politics, there is adventure, wonder, and imagination.  #findyours